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Research Activities

Electro-organic Synthesis:

The central focus of this project is to establish novel synthetic methodologies by carrying out redox transformations through electrolysis. This strategy removes the requirement of foreign redox reagents to minimize the generation of unwanted waste materials, thus making it ‘clean and green’ chemistry. In addition, fine control over the applied potential and current flow allow various chemoselective transformations.

Visible Light Mediated Photoredox Catalysis:

Photoredox mediated radical generation and follow-up synthetic utilization is under investigation in this project. Development of new photoredox catalysts are also a major aspect of this study.

Transition Metal Catalyzed Transfer Hydrogenation and Co-operative Catalysis:

The borrowing hydrogen methodology associates the advantages of transfer hydrogenation with additional transformations. In this research project we have planned to focus on the unexamined field of co-operative borrowing hydrogen and organocatalytic process.


SDS Research Group

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